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Discover the harmonious blend of classic service and cutting-edge technology that sets our family-operated workshop apart, ensuring your vehicle receives the care it deserves.
  • Same-Day Service Guarantee: We value your time, promising swift and efficient same-day service for most vehicles because your convenience is our commitment.
  • Certified Excellence: Rely on our ASE-certified technicians and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools for accurate and thorough care for every make and model.
  • Customer-First Approach: Experience the comfort of customer-centric services, including courtesy shuttles, free loaner cars, and round-the-clock towing assistance.
  • Warranty-Backed Reliability: Drive confidently with our 24,000-mile or 24-month warranty, a testament to the durability and quality of our workmanship.
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Comprehensive Automotive Services

Premier Vehicle Care Services

Copperfield Automotive is where trust and quality meet to deliver exceptional auto repair and maintenance services. Since 1982, we've been the go-to automotive experts for the Copperfield Cypress and Houston community, offering a comprehensive range of services for all makes and models. Our family-operated facility prides itself on swift same-day service, certified expertise, and a commitment to customer satisfaction that's as robust as the vehicles we tend.

Engineer Repair Services

At Copperfield Automotive, your engine's care is our top priority. Trust our ASE-certified experts for a full range of services, from thorough inspections to quality repairs and rebuilds, complete with preventative advice and clear communication. 

When you entrust your vehicle to Copperfield Automotive for engine repair, you can expect:

Mechanic working on car engine repair.
  • Thorough Inspection: Quick yet comprehensive checks for engine health.
  • Expert Diagnosis: Pinpointing engine issues with cutting-edge diagnostics.
  • Quality Repairs: Essential component replacements with top-tier parts.
  • Comprehensive Rebuilds:  Full engine restoration to original performance.
  • Preventative Advice: Guidance to maintain your engine's condition post-repair.
  • Transparent Communication: Constant updates throughout the repair process.
  • Warranty Assurance: Guaranteed quality with a warranty for peace of mind.

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Mechanic lying beside car and tools.

Mechanical Repair

At Copperfield Automotive, we harmonize your vehicle's complex systems with precision, bolstered by our ASE-certified technicians' expertise and IDS Ford Motorcraft Certification

When you choose us for mechanical repair, here's what you can expect:

  • Efficient Diagnostics: Quick, accurate problem identification with advanced diagnostics.
  • Versatile Expertise: Proficient in all vehicle makes, using only genuine parts.
  • Transparent Communication: Upfront explanations and cost breakdowns.
  • Certified Professionals: Trusted automotive repair by ASE-recognized experts.
  • Convenience Guaranteed: Easy access to shuttles, pickups, and loaners.
  • Solid Warranty: 24,000 miles or 24-month warranty assurance.
  • Complete Service Range: Full spectrum of mechanical repairs, all under one roof.

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Regular Maintenance

Maintain your vehicle's excellence with Copperfield Automotive's regular maintenance, ensuring safety and reliability while preempting potential issues. Experience dedicated care that upholds your car's performance and longevity.

When you choose us for regular maintenance, here's what you can expect:

Mechanic pouring oil into car engine
  • Thorough Vehicle Inspection: We comprehensively review your vehicle's major systems.
  • Fluid Level Checks: Ensuring all fluids are at the appropriate levels and topped off if necessary.
  • Oil Change: Regular oil changes to keep your engine running smoothly.
  • Tire Inspection and Rotation: Checking tire pressure, tread depth, and tire rotation for even wear.
  • Brake Check: Inspect brake pads, rotors, and fluid to maintain optimal stopping power.
  • Battery Test: Test your battery's charge and inspect for corrosion.
  • Lighting Check: Ensuring all interior and exterior lighting is functional.
  • Filter Replacements: Replacing air, fuel, and cabin filters as needed to maintain air quality and engine health.

Secure your car's peak performance with regular maintenance at Copperfield Automotive

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Mechanic lying beside car and tools.

Tire/Wheel Services

Rely on Copperfield Automotive for exceptional tire and wheel services, where our ASE-certified technicians provide thorough inspections, precision balancing, alignment, and rotation to ensure your vehicle's optimal performance and safety on the road.

When you choose us for Tire/Wheel Services, here's what you can expect:

  • Wheel/Tire Check: Rigorous inspection for optimal condition.
  • Balancing: Correction of imbalances to eliminate vibrations.
  • Alignment: Adjustment to manufacturer specifications for even wear.
  • Rotation: Regular rotation for uniform tire wear.
  • Pressure Maintenance: Inflation checks for tire longevity.
  • Tread Analysis: Tread depth assessments for road safety.
  • Tire Service: Repair or replace tires as needed.
  • Custom Wheels: Upgrade options for a personalized look and performance.

Book your tire and wheel service at Copperfield Automotive for unrivaled performance and safety.

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Tune-Up Services

Tune-up services are a cornerstone of regular vehicle maintenance, designed to ensure your car runs efficiently and reliably. At Copperfield Automotive, we provide a detailed and systematic approach to tune-ups, embracing traditional methods and modern diagnostics.

When you choose us for Tune-up Services, here's what you can expect:

Mechanic inspecting car underside on lift.
  • Engine Analysis: In-depth engine health assessment using advanced diagnostics.
  • Spark Plug Service: Inspection and replacement for optimal performance.
  • Ignition System Check: Ensuring proper firing sequences.
  • PCV Valve Service: Inspection and replacement for emissions control.
  • Air/Fuel Filter Change: Filter maintenance for engine efficiency.
  • Fuel System Clean: Injector cleaning for fuel delivery efficiency.
  • Belts and Hoses Check: Wear inspection and replacement to prevent breakdowns.
  • Fluids Service: All fluid levels checked and replenished.
  • Battery Check: Assessment of battery health for reliable starts.
  • Safety Inspection: Verification of all safety components' functionality.

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Why Choose Us

At Copperfield Automotive, we understand the importance of reliable, high-quality automotive care. Since 1982, our family-owned and operated business has been dedicated to serving the Copperfield, Cypress, and Houston areas with unmatched expertise and passion. Our commitment to excellence has made us a cornerstone in the community for all automotive needs.

  • Comprehensive Automotive Services: From routine maintenance to complex repairs, our complete automotive repair facility is equipped to handle all makes and models, ensuring your vehicle receives the best care possible.
  • Certified and Experienced Technicians: Our team of ASE-certified technicians brings years of experience and a deep understanding of automotive systems, providing trustworthy service.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: We guarantee precision and efficiency in every job by utilizing the latest automotive repair technology, including the Hunter Alignment system and computer diagnostics.
  • Customer-Centric Amenities: We prioritize your convenience with services like a customer shuttle, pick-up service, and free loaner cars on approved repairs, making your experience hassle-free.

Choosing Copperfield Automotive means entrusting your vehicle to a team that treats it like theirs. Our dedication to high-quality replacement parts, qualified employees, and fast turnaround times ensures your car is in excellent hands. Discover the difference commitment, expertise, and genuine care can make for your automotive needs.

Mechanic working on car engine.

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Customer Testimonials

At Copperfield Automotive, we don't just service cars—we forge lasting relationships with our clients. The trust and satisfaction reflected in their words are the engine that drives us. Here's what our family of customers have to say about their experiences with us:

Frequently Asked Questions

At Copperfield Automotive, we offer comprehensive services to keep your vehicle in top condition. This includes complete automotive repair for all makes and models, computer diagnostics, certified state inspections, preventive maintenance, full air conditioning and brake service, and more. We also provide a 24-hour towing service, customer shuttle, and free loaner cars on approved repairs.

We pride ourselves on efficient, same-day service for most vehicles. Our team of ASE Certified Technicians works diligently to ensure your car is serviced as quickly as possible without compromising quality.

Our technicians are ASE Certified, and our facility is AAA Certified. We also hold A/C Delco TSS Certification and IDS Ford Motorcraft Certification, reflecting our commitment to excellence in automotive service.

Copperfield Automotive stands behind the quality of our work with a robust warranty offering 24,000 miles or 24 months of coverage on parts and labor, giving you peace of mind with every service.

Absolutely! We offer a customer shuttle and pick-up service to make your experience as convenient as possible. Plus, we provide free loaner cars for approved repairs to ensure your day remains uninterrupted.

Transparency is key to our operations. We provide clear, upfront costs and work with you to find the best solutions within your budget. No hidden fees or surprises – just honest, straightforward pricing.

Yes, you can bring your vehicle in for a tune-up. Our tune-up service includes spark plug replacement, ignition wire and coil pack boot replacement, PCV valve service, and checks on various other components like engine air filters and fuel filters to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Our 24/7 towing service means we're always available to help in an emergency. Whether it's a breakdown or an accident, we're here to assist you and get your vehicle safely to our shop for any necessary repairs.

Scheduling a service with us is easy. You can call us directly, visit our website to book an appointment, or just drop by our shop during business hours.

Yes, we offer specialized fleet services to ensure your business vehicles receive the maintenance and repairs they need with minimal downtime. We understand the importance of keeping your fleet on the road and offer tailored services to meet your requirements.

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